Corriente Condos in Scottsdale Invites you to Segway

How can you beat this weather at Corriente Condos in Scottsdale!  As the temperatures descend to perfection, we continue to invite you to get out there and enjoy everything that this wonderful city has to offer you in the breathtaking Sonoran Desert just in our backyard.  With fall upon us, it is the season for the Segway!  For all of you who would like to get outdoors and enjoy the landscape but might not be interested in hiking it, I have the solution for you!

Out West Adventures, based here in Scottsdale, has a Segway tour program in place that will be starting on the 18th of October.  Not familiar with the Segway?…these are “human mover” machines that seem to balance by magic.  As a rider, you stand atop the two-wheel machine and can guide its direction and speed without the use of a steering wheel.  If you’re anything like me, namely a bit clumsy, you might be a bit concerned about your ability to operate a Segway effectively.  Not to fret, each tour comes with a 30 minute training session to familiarize each rider with the machine and insure competency before embarking on the adventure.

If getting out on the hiking trail, without having to do the hiking part, sounds good to you, take a look at the Fort McDowell off-road tour.  This tour features off-road capable Segways with knobby balloon tires for grip…something straight out of the movies if you ask me.  The Segway allows you to view the desert flora and fauna without all the encumbrances of vehicle windows and doors.  The off-road adventure travels an area rich with Giant Saguaro Cacti and heavy on the fun.

If you are more of a city slicker, consider the Old Town tour…instead of hoofing it around the great downtown area, why not cruise in style?  This tour highlights Scottsdale’s historic district and is a great way to get an overall feel for the city.

Out West Adventures also offers Segway tours of the renowned Scottsdale Greenbelt along with hot air balloon rides over the Sonoran Desert.  What better time to get out there and enjoy the beautiful landscape that Scottsdale has to offer.

We also welcome you to stop in and check out our wonderful community here at Corriente…Segways are welcome if you want to make a quick stop during your tour as we are located just off the Greenbelt!  There is still time to reserve your new home here at Corriente in our soon-to-start Building 6!  Don’t wait…start living your vacation now!

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Corriente Condos in Scottsdale and Sedona

We have officially entered the realm of beautiful weather here at Corriente Condos in Scottsdale.  What better time than the present to get out and enjoy perfection?  This past week I was lucky enough to revisit the quaint, yet breathtaking, town of Sedona…for those of you who have never visited and even those of you who have, it is a great time to take the short drive and get away for a day trip.

Sedona is a short and scenic two hour drive from Corriente and well worth the time.  You will pass through the low Sonoran Desert landscape with hills literally covered in Saguaro and begin your ascent into the mountainous region above 4,000 feet.  The views from the highway are phenomenal as the road winds up and through the mountains.  Don’t forget to bring a light jacket…with the elevation also comes cooler and crisper weather.  It’s always entertaining to watch the thermostat in the car continue to drop as the car continues to climb.

Arriving to Sedona, you immediately understand why this destination city receives so much buzz.  It feels incredibly remote, though it will no doubt be buzzing with activity, surrounded by some of nature’s best art.  I call it art because the red rock cliffs seem to have been precariously chipped away from the mountain, and it is almost surreal in its overall presence.

The downtown area of Sedona is full of tourist shops and is fun to pass the time walking through to see all of the trinkets offered for sale.  We stopped at the Cowboy Club for lunch and it was definitely a great choice…the service was great and the food wasn’t bad either…be sure to stop in should you make it to Sedona for your own day trip.  Sedona vendors also offer a number of services to enable you to get closer to the amazing landscape that has drawn you to this location in the first place.  While we just didn’t have enough time this trip, I plan to revisit and take a jeep tour of Sedona, or maybe even rent an ATV to explore on my own.  Hiking trails are also abundant for all of you outdoor enthusiasts.

To get to Sedona from Corriente Condos, simply head West on the 101 and then North on I-17…you’ll see signs for the Sedona exit.  So get out there and enjoy the great things that Arizona has to offer.  For all of you who have been considering Corriente, now is a great time to put yourself on the list in our quickly filling and soon-to-start building 6…what better time than now to reserve your spot here at Corriente, where we invite you to live your vacation daily!

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Corriente in Scottsdale…Now is the Time

As we near the start of our new building here at Corriente in Scottsdale, we would like to invite all of you who have been kicking around the idea to re-visit the community and take advantage of our fully refundable reservation deposit program that we have in place.  Now is the time to get yourself on the list with nothing at risk monetarily to ensure that you are in first position on the floorplan and location of your choice.

We currently have 7 homes under reservation in a building with a total 24 units planned, so it’s not too late to get your name on the list. Building 6 will sit along the lake off of Indian Bend Wash and afford views onto the McDowell Mountains, Silverado Golf Course, and McCormick Ranch Golf Course.  All four of our wonderful floorplans will be represented in the building, two of each specific layout per floor.

In terms of the plans themselves, we offer the Topacio (approximately 1,048 square feet, 1 bedroom/1bath), the Zafiro (approximately 1,343 square feet, 2 bedroom/2 bath), the Diamante (approximately 1,441 square feet, 2 bedroom/2 bath), and our largest Perla (approximately 1,547 square feet, 2 bedroom/+study/2 bath).

Our community has been graced with great success through the closeout of our first 71 homes…we are ready to continue this success into Phase II and invite you to join the wonderful Corriente community.  Now is the time to take advantage of the timing and put yourself in first position for the home of your dreams here in Central Scottsdale…live your vacation daily!

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Corriente Condos in Scottsdale…The Canyon Awaits

Corriente Condos in Scottsdale is the place to be as the weather cools off with Fall upon us.  Each week, we try to bring you information and ideas for things to do surrounding Corriente’s ideal central Scottsdale location, and this week is no different…well maybe just a little bit different.  This week I am broadening my scope as a result of my excursion this past week at the Grand Canyon…that’s right, the Arizona Wonder of the World.

If you haven’t been to the Grand Canyon, or even if you have, you must go back.  In terms of driving distance from Corriente in Scottsdale, you are looking at a simple 3.5 hour drive through some beautiful country.  What was shocking to me is how the desert landscape with hills speckled in Saguaro slowly gives way to mountains painted in Pine Trees.  After about 50 miles on US 64, you will dead end into the park entrance…$25 for the whole vehicle will grant you entrance and this pass is good for 7 days of visitation.  In terms of lodging, there are a number of hotels in the Grand Canyon area but they are generally booked so timing is everything.  I was lucky enough to secure a room at the Yavapi Lodge with one week advance notice.  Although expense, the room was great and extremely convenient given its shuttle service to the rim and the proximity thereto.

For a laid back visit, there are numerous viewing overlooks to take your breath away and a number of trails that travel along the rim’s edge.  I decided to be a bit more adventurous and planned for a 6am departure on a hike that would take me down the South Kaibab trail approximately 6.5 miles and 4,700 feet down to the Colorado River…then onto Phantom Ranch (with available lodging if you are lucky enough to get a last minute spot or have the foresight to reserve a room up to a year in advance)…then back up the Bright Angel trail another 10.5 miles to the South Rim.  Given my gluttony for punishment, I decided to do this trip in a single day.  The views were absolutely phenomenal and well worth the effort.  All said and done, the trip took approximately 8 hours with an hour factored in for a relaxing lunch along the Colorado River.  For those of you not interested in such a demanding hike, there are number of fantastic day hikes that are far less strenuous that allow you to venture below the rim and really experience the vastness and intrigue of the canyon.  For instance, consider trekking a little over a mile down the South Kaibab trail to the Ooh Ah Point.  As the namesake suggests, this is an amazing overlook where the trail U-turns back to the south and the canyon wall on the east disappears.  The view is amazing and well worth the short round trip.

Here at Corriente Condos in Scottsdale, we feel lucky to be so centrally located and close to everything the amazing Arizona landscape has to offer.  We invite you to stop in and tour our beautiful location and see what we mean when we invite you to live your vacation daily!  If you have any specific questions about the Grand Canyon adventure or just need some tips on planning your own hike, feel free to contact us here at Corriente Condos as well.

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Corriente Condos and Scottsdale Horeseback

As the weather slowly turns to perfection here at Corriente Condos in Scottsdale, adventure beckons.  The Scottsdale landscape and surrounding desert oasis holds many jewels in its vast landscape.  Sometimes, the best places are off the beaten path.  What better way to explore the path less traveled than on horseback. 

Windwalker Expeditions is a local, private Arizona horseback riding company proud to offer private horseback rides built to suit your needs and skills as a rider.  They are a completely mobile company and thus have access to some of the most exciting and diverse trail systems in the state of Arizona.  Based in Cave Creek, about 45 miles North of Scottsdale, since 1996, Windwalkers Expeditions prides itself in providing an intimate and challenging horseback ride on well-conditioned, desert-wise horses.  The benefit of such an experience is that you are paired with a guide and horse best suited to fit the challenges of the selected trail system in combination with your personal skills on horseback.  If you are a novice, not to fear, there are plenty of options for you to have a great day on the trails.

With over 3 million acres of wilderness trails to choose from and elevations ranging from 2,000 to 8,000 feet, Windwalker has the luxury of having numerous choices when it comes to making trail selections.  Take, for example, the Superstition Wilderness trail system.  This area is part of the Tonto National Forest, and includes the famous Superstition Mountain and Weaver’s Needle. The area includes 160,200 acres of rugged terrain, reaching elevations between 2,000 and 6,265 feet. There are about 180 miles of trails, ranging from intermediate to advanced in difficulty, affording breathtaking scenery and potential water crossings, steep inclines, and narrow canyons that are guaranteed to create a memorable mountain journey. This ride can be slow going at times and a bit technical as well, but it is truly an Arizona adventure ride.

Another great option is the Black Canyon Trail which began as a prehistoric Native American pathway linking local settlements together and providing a way to travel long distances. The trail follows a route that has been used since the 1600’s for the movement of livestock and people.  On this trail, you will have the opportunity to the Aqua Fria on horseback as you travel through some of the richest Sonoran Desert landscapes in Arizona.

As always, Corriente invites you to stop in to tour our piece of paradise in the desert.  We look forward to seeing you and soon.  In the meantime, enjoy those trails and live your vacation daily!

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Hike the Peak from Corriente Condos in Scottsdale

As we say week-in and week-out, Corriente Condos has a prime Scottsdale location, but who’s counting.  After all, location is such an important component of real estate…why not highlight our central Scottsdale location and all of the activities therein afforded.  With the beautiful sunshine, we recommend getting outdoors and enjoying the surrounding mountain ranges that Scottsdale has to offer.  If Camelback and Piestewa Peak are a bit too daunting for your taste, we recommend trying your hand, or foot as were, at Pinnacle Peak located off of 102nd Way in Scottsdale.  Pinnacle Peak is considered a “moderate” hike with approximately 1,300 feet in elevation change over a 3.5 mile round trip distance that can be covered by the average hiker in 1.5 to 2 hours.

In terms of its history, Pinnacle Peak and a majority of the surrounding land were once part of the Arizona State Trust Land, which was held by the State and managed for the benefit of the State’s educational trust.  It was not, however, public open space or a park.  Nonetheless, for many years, the Peak and  surrounding area had been used for hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and horseback riding.  

In 1982 a large area of land including the Peak was annexed into Scottsdale.  In 1985 “Troon North” was approved by the Scottsdale City Council, which included the preservation of Pinnacle Peak as a 185-acre City of Scottsdale Park to preserve the historic use of the land for public recreational uses and a “Desert Discovery Center” museum.

Pinnacle Peak, jutting skyward 600 feet from the valley floor, is largely composed of granite.  The crystallization of slowly cooling molten rock deep in the Earth formed this granite over 1.4 billion years ago.  The natural forces of faulting, erosion, uplifting and deposition of overlaying rocks have uncovered this granite.  Some of the common minerals that have formed this granite are quartz, biotite mica, and feldspar.   The minerals formed an interlocking pattern as the magma cooled.  Water and ice, combined with the forces of gravity and the passage of time has decayed and removed some of the minerals, leaving it in the rounded boulder shapes you see today.

As you enjoy the trail, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the natural wildlife native to the Sonoran Desert including desert tortoises, rattlesnakes, gila monsters, coyotes, grey foxes, mule deer, javelina, bobcats, and mountain lions. It can be a very rewarding experience to see the wildlife in their natural habitat rather than in captivity.

So get out there and see the natural beauty that Scottsdale has to offer.  We invite you to stop in to tour our wonderful community here at Corriente.  With the start of our new Building 6 on the horizon, now is the time to reserve your space in one of our four remaining golf course/water/mountain view homes.  Live your vacation daily!

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Corriente Condos and the Scottsdale Heard Museum

Here at Corriente Condos in Scottsdale, we don’t have to look far for intrigue.  Why not beat the heat this week with a visit to the Heard Museum in Phoenix, or its community counterpart in North Scottsdale.  The Heard is a museum dedicated to the sensitive and accurate portrayal of Native arts and cultures and successfully combines the stories of the American Indian people from a personal perspective through the beauty of art.

Founded in 1929 by Dwight and Maie Heard in the then-small town of Phoenix, the Heard Museum has grown in size and recognition to an international acknowledged stature due to the quality of its collections, its educational programming, and its festivals.  Through innovative programs and world class exhibitions, the Heard sets the national standard for collaborating with Native people to present first person voices.  Partnerships with American Indian artists and tribal communities provide visitors with a distinctive perspective about the culture and artistic expression of Native people, especially those from the Southwest.

The Heard’s activities revolve around collecting, preserving, and displaying art ranging from ancestral artifacts to contemporary paintings and jewelry.  Home to 11 exhibition galleries, the Heard Museum is a great place to spend an average two-to-five hours immersed in the Native culture.  The Heard Museum is located one-half mile North of the Phoenix Art Museum at 2301 N. Central Avenue.

In 1996, the Heard Museum opened its first community museum in North Scottsdale.  The community location serves to broaden the museum’s reach and shares its collections and innovative programming with our local community.  The North museum features one long-term display and one changing exhibition in addition to a museum shop, a sculpture and native plant garden, and a café.  Since 2007, the North Heard Museum has been located at the Summit of Scottsdale.

Here at Corriente Condos in Scottsdale we invite you to live your vacation daily…so get out there and explore the world.  Scottsdale is home to so many great things, you don’t have to venture far beyond our gates!

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Corriente Condos and the Scottsdale Greenbelt Bike Path

Here at Corriente Condos in Scottsdale, we take pride in our central location.  We are so lucky to be located within close proximity to so many of the features that make Scottsdale a destination city and a phenomenal place to call home…or even second home.  One of the true jewels of the Scottsdale area is the Greenbelt and Multi-Use bike path.  Many people new to the area tend to associate the term Greenbelt with a small open space…how about 12 miles of open space featuring a bike/walk/jog path, parks, fishing ponds, pools, and even skate parks!

Easily accessible from you home at Corriente Condos, the Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt not only controls the city’s seasonal floods but also creates ample open spaces for recreation and the setting for an outstanding urban hike.  Flooding in a desert may seem improbable, but seasonal storms can easily overcome the often inadequate drainage systems in arid areas. While attempting to solve this problem, Scottsdale planners back in the 1960s had a stroke of genius.  They constructed the Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt, an innovative flood-control system and desert oasis rolled into one.  Taking advantage of the seasonal nature of flash floods, the city built a row of parks in Indian Bend Wash offering its residents a plethora of outdoor pursuits.  Competed in 1999, the Greenbelt channels occasional floodwater toward the Salt River while accommodating a wide variety of recreational activities.  The Greenbelt spans nearly 12 miles from Tempe Town Lake north to Cactus Road…so if you are looking to visit Tempe Town lake, why not bike there!  While private golf courses consume some of the Greenbelt, its southern half is easily accessible to the general public.  

Bounded roughly by Hayden and Miller roads, the Greenbelt encompasses miles of parks, lakes, golf courses, picnic areas, and various sporting venues.  Tunnels and overpasses protect visitors from traffic, and a multi-use Greenbelt Pathway carries patrons on foot, skates, and wheels through the park system.   The section between Thomas and McDowell has a Boys and Girls Club, one of the city’s three public pools, several fishing lakes, a few playgrounds and grassy fields, and a concrete skate park, all connected by paved walking/biking paths.

So get out there and enjoy all of the great things Scottsdale has to offer.  With the beautiful fall weather just on the horizon, we invite you to visit us here at Corriente Condos and reserve your home in our soon-to-start new building.  As we say each week, live your vacation daily!

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Corriente Condos in Scottsdale and the Good News

Who doesn’t like good news?  Even better, who doesn’t like good news about the Phoenix housing market?  As we near the start of Building 6 here at Corriente Condos in Scottsdale, we are pleased to share some wonderful news for the Phoenix new housing market according to an article in Bloomberg by John Gittelsohn on August 12, 2011 entitled “Phoenix and Atlanta Will Be Best New-Home Markets in U.S., Barclay Says.”  While the full article is accesible by clicking on the aformentioned link, here is an excerpt to give you the general idea:

“Phoenix, where foreclosures have surged and prices plummeted since the U.S. housing bubble burst, and Atlanta are the best potential markets for the sale of newly built homes, Barclays Capital said in a report today.

Atlanta has the potential for 47,317 new houses a year, followed by Phoenix with 46,485 and Dallas with 33,997, Jeff Meli, Vincent Foley, Cedric Morris and Robert Tayon, analysts with Barclays, wrote in the study. Phoenix leads 16 metro areas examined for potential revenue with $4.45 billion in new home sales. It’s followed by Washington with $3.94 billion and San Diego with $3.31 billion.

“The reality is that housing is a region-by-region story,” Foley said in a telephone interview from New York. “And most of the big public homebuilders are reasonably positioned to benefit from an upturn because they’re in the right markets.”

The projection for revived home construction in Phoenix, which the Barclays analysts called “surprising,” is based on the city’s growing population and speedy absorption of distressed real estate, according to the report. Barclays gave no time frame for its sales forecasts, which will occur after the cities “clear themselves of distressed inventory and excess supply,” it said.

“Regions that have pushed foreclosures through the pipeline quickly should see demand for new homes earlier than those that have allowed their backlog to grow,” Meli, Foley, Morris and Tayon wrote.

Second-Highest Foreclosures

Phoenix-area home prices are 56 percent below the June 2006 peak, according to the S&P/Case-Shiller index, compared with a 32 percent decline for the 20 cities tracked by the index. The Phoenix metropolitan area had the second-highest rate of foreclosure filings in the first six months of this year, behind Las Vegas, with one in 28 households receiving a notice compared with a national average of one per 111 homes, RealtyTrac Inc. reported July 28.

“After falling to a low of 1.1 percent in 2009, population is expected to grow 2.6 percent annually in Phoenix for the next five years,” according to the Barclays report. “Such renewed inflows should support demand for new homes, leading to a recovery in several of the top 15 largest builders that have a presence in the region.””

With this great news on the horizon, why not come take a look at our wonderful opportunities for new construction here at Corriente Condos in Scottsdale.  We are still open for reservations on the new building, so don’t miss your chance to reserve your spot in the community!

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Corriente Condos in Scottsdale and the MIM

Are you a music buff?  Corriente Condos here in Scottsdale invites you to take a short drive and visit the renowned Musical Instruments Museum (MIM).  Home to over 5,000 musical instruments and objects housed in five major Geo-Galleris, the MIM is an experience not to be missed.  The collection includes instruments from around two hundred countries and territories in the world. Some larger countries such as India, China, Russia, the United States, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and others have multiple displays with subsections for different types of ethnic, folk, and tribal music. The instruments have both historic and artistic merit and many are more than fifty years old.   

This unique experience features Wireless “hot spots” around MIM which provide loops of streamed music, immersing guests in the sounds of musical instruments throughout the museum.  You will be provided with wireless headsets to wear throughout the museum…as you approach each individual display, you are able to hear the instrument being played.  To further immerse yourself in the experience, the MIM also has videos playing on high-resolution flat screens in order to provide an opportunity to see instruments performed. Watching a Japanese taiko drummer or a hurdy-gurdy man is an experience not soon to be forgotten.  Signage with information about the instruments, along with maps for orientation, allows you to tour the many displays of each country in the world. The nearly three hundred exhibits are spaced to provide comfortable viewing and an uninterrupted wireless signal.

Open year round, with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas days, the MIM also provides guided tours, included with the price of admission, for groups ranging from 10 to 120 people.  Keep in mind that self-guided tours are also welcome. Given the MIM’s state-of-the-art technology and unique hands-on opportunity to play instruments in the Experience Gallery, groups can easily take self-guided tours.  An average self guided tour will last approximately 90 minutes.

The MIM is also home to a premier concert venue, the MIM Music Theater, hosting a full schedule of intimate live performances and events with leading artists from across the country and around the world. You can also experience a film screening; take part in a workshop or master class; or enjoy a wide range of public programs, educational encounters, and special events.  This week, on August 10, 2011, Elvis week kicks off at the MIM featuring a special art exhibit, Memphis-style pork BBQ in the café, Elvis trivia, and the Apollonia Dance Organ playing arrangements of Elvis songs!

Corriente Condos invites you to enjoy everything the wonderful Scottsdale community has to offer.  If you haven’t done so already, we hope you have the opportunity in the near future to visit our wonderful community, so you too can live your vacation daily.

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